Brien Costello (SSG, US Army) – Eustis, FL

Nature of Project:  Swimming Pool

We have a deserving combat wounded veteran in this area that has applied but before we can move forward, we need your help. We need a project/construction lead in the area to coordinate with. If you or someone you know would be willing to step-up and help us complete our mission please contact us at!

Brien is a Veteran injured in the line of duty , still worked for years in the service with injuries. We are looking for support to build a pool for physical therapy. We are constantly up and down the roads, putting nearly 30k on our vehicle in one year alone going to VA appointments. I want him to see that everyone cares about him, cares about those who have come home from War and often feel lost.

Brien served over 15 years in the Army, 4 deployments in Iraq from 2003-2010. He worked as a truck driver, often on missions all over Iraq during the War. He often would “joke” and call himself an IED finder. Brien has endured many IED blasts in his convoys, mortars and has seen many things that no human should, experienced and suffered the loss of “Brothers”, missed countless holidays, birthdays and even the birth of his first born. He suffers from TBI, PTSD and chronic pain up and down his spine, back, neck, shoulder and knees. He feels relaxed in the pool and it’s the one place where all the weight is literally lifted from him and he feels himself again for a period of time. It’s the only place he can exercise, make movements, etc. without hurting himself more or feel the pain as much in his joints.

He is a humble person and never asks for help. Unfortunately there is no way we can do this on our own with just want he makes on Retired VA.

All the wear and tear and time spent traveling is too much for Brien anymore. We are trying to raise money to put a pool in our backyard so he can do PT every day and not have to spend so much time going to VA (which is hour and half away). This is the best way for him to get relief and the only time he is actually “comfortable” is when he is in the water. Constantly he lives with chronic pain and there isn’t much more (Doctors tell him) that they can do for him. Some suggest us to go to a public pool, however Brien does also suffer from PTSD and has a hard time going out or being around any type of crowds. The drive away from home can often bring him a lot of anxiety. A pool in our own yard, would take away that worry for him.

It would mean the world to me to be able to give my husband something like this. I have seen him in pool therapy and see how relaxed he is, even get a smile from this Veteran, and I miss that, WE miss that! I would love our whole family to be a part of his care and to all experience this with him. Our children miss the more physically able Dad and miss spending quality time with him. Often he misses out because he can’t sit or stand for long periods of time without being in excruciating pain.

We would be forever thankful to those who are able to help us. Please help me make this Veteran whole again! God Bless