Jason Alberti  (SSGT, US Airforce) – Spring Hill, FL

Nature of Project:  Swimming Pool

We have a deserving combat wounded veteran in this area that has applied but before we can move forward, we need your help. We need a project/construction lead in the area to coordinate with. If you or someone you know would be willing to step-up and help us complete our mission please contact us at info@waterforawarrior.org!


My husband, Staff Sergeant Jason Alberti was born in Hialeah, Florida. He joined the Air Force in December of 1999 and Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. From the he went on to San Angelo, TX for training to become a Fire Fighter.

During his career, he served as a Hand lineman, Driver Operator, Crew Chief, Station Captain, NCOIC of the Dispatch Center, and a Fire Inspector among many more positions. He participated in Operation OIF/OEF. His additional deployments include: Curacao, Qatar, and Japan.

Staff Sergeant Alberti was named military Firefighter of the year 2010 at the 509th Bomber Wing Whiteman Air Force Base, MO. He also won Airman and Non Commissioned Officer of the Quarter on several occasions throughout his military career. He also received an Achievement medal when leaving one base to another. Last he received the Leadership Award while attending Airman Leadership School.

We have 4 children and one grandchild (Haygen Maxwell). And have been married for 13 GLORIOUS/AMAZING years.

After serving his country and his deployments, my husband now suffers from PTSD, depression, anxiety, TBI, sleep apnea, bi-lateral knees, nightmares and migraines. All of this was due to my husband’s tours while deployed and performing his duties as a firefighter. Even stateside, my husband saw unspeakable things while performing his duties as a fire fighter the he will not even speak of with me.

We know that having a pool will help him physically and mentally. My husband was a very physically fit man prior to all of this happening to him in his life. And he always told me that swimming was the best thing after working out in the gym for his muscles physically and mentally. And he also stated that the hot tub was just what the muscles needed after everything he would put them through after that. That and just to see my husband be able to work out again maybe that will bring something out in him that will help in his recovery that hasn’t been found as of yet. I believe this pool has so many positives.

Secondly and for me just as important, my kids would get to be able to play with there father. He does not attend pool parties, water parks, beaches; etc. So having a pool which is not in our means would mean not only the world to me and our kids but to my husband I believe. It would give him the opportunity and our kids something they haven’t had in over six years. Daughter/Son and father time. I can’t tell you how much my kids and I believe Jason longs for that. But his issues severely hinder that from happening.

Thank you for helping my husband.