Anthony Hockensmith (SSG, US Army) – Georgetown, KY

Nature of Project: Swimming Pool

Local Project Lead – Aurora Pools and Spas

Water for a Warrior would like to thank Aurora Pools and Spas, Ted Harvey, Raypak and Maytronics for their contributions to this project. Without their generosity and kindness, SSG Hockensmith would not be able to begin his Recovery through Water. We encourage everyone to support those that show support for our veterans!

Sgt. Anthony Wayne Hockensmith II served his country for 8 wonderful years. He barely survived 2 tours. Due to two explosions he suffers from severe PTSD, TBI, Short Term Memory Loss, Night Terrors, and Seizures. His PTSD severely restricts him most of the time from being able to leave the house. If the rare occurrence does happen that he leaves, he is extremely hyper vigilant while out and normally he shuts down and isolates himself for several days after. He also suffered a right ankle ligament tear and any time he tries to workout it swells large in size and hurts even worse. Swimming is the only thing that seems to help. We attempted to join a local gym that had a pool however no matter what time of day we tried to go there were too many people in the gym and my husband does not do well in crowds at all. Another factor that plays into the issue is my husband suffers from epilepsy caused from a TBI that happened from an explosion during his first deployment. He has had a seizure once in public and does not want it to happen again for various reasons that I am sure you can imagine. We are true blue Kentucky fans! Go Wildcats!!! We have 4 beautiful children between the two of us. Happily married childhood sweethearts. We would love to spend more family time together and also be able to work out with the blessing of a pool. He has a very hard time being in public and rarely leaves the house. The pool would give him the opportunity to work out in the comfort of his home as well as give our family something to do together.

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