Jacob Wix (LCPL, US Marines) – Lancaster, KY

Nature of Project:  TBD – Spa OR Swim Spa

My son suffered a tbi in combat training . He has frontal lobe damage and has a hard time moving his limbs and can go into a catatonic state where his muscles lock up. He is also suffering other mental conditions do to this accident along with many physical conditions as well. I am his mother and full time care giver. I see daily how hard it is to get his muscles to relax enough to work on his cognitive and physical therapy. I do my best with muscle rollers and massage but it is exhausting. The more things he can do on his own to get his independence back is the best therapy he could ever do. Being able to get in his hot tub on his own and feel his muscles relax without my help will give him that independence which will in turn help him move better and improve his quality of life. We have a pool already but he doesn’t like getting in it because as soon as the water hits his skin his muscles tighten up, which is why he needs this hot tub so much.

Mission Accomplished

Water for a Warrior would like to that Aurora Pools and Spas from Lexington, KY and Mr. Electric of Central KY in Lexington, KY for their help and generosity. With their support, we were able to accomplish our mission!

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