Jason Locke (CPL, US Marines) – Stanton, KY

Nature of Project:  TBD – Swimming Pool OR Spa OR Swim Spa

Local Project Lead – Aurora Pools and Spas

Water for a Warrior would like to thank Aurora Pools for their contributions to this project. Without their generosity and kindness, CPL Locke would not be able to begin his Recovery through Water. We encourage everyone to support those that show support for our veterans!




“At the beginning it wasn’t bad”. Then on March 21st, 2003 Corporal Jason Locke with his unit drove from Kuwait to Iraq. Units from seven U.S. Naval Ships combined to form Task Force Tarawa. Equipped with a mission at hand, Operation Iraqi Freedom was in motion. After driving nonstop for two days the battalion arrived in An Nasiriya, a large city in southern Iraq that guarded key supply routes to the north. Plans of Battles to obtain control of the bridges lay ahead. As the battalion pressed forward through enemy fire they came across the remains of an Army convoy. It was later learned the convoy had made a wrong turn putting them deep into enemy territory. Most of the soldiers had been killed or captured leaving the tanks still burning. As they continued it was extremely difficult picking out targets. The enemies were wearing civilian attire and moving toward weapon caches inside buildings. Others moved around resupplying enemy fighters as they waived white flags. The battalion pushed through Ambush Alley under intense machinegun, small arms & RPG fire. There were eighteen marines that paid the ultimate price and fourteen others severely wounded. July 1st 2003 Corporal Jason Locke was issued the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for displaying Superb Leadership and Initiative during his duties, he demonstrated exceptional dependability as he successfully maintained accountability of his platoon’s equipment and as he assigned drivers and staged vehicles for convoy operations. Jason participated in over forty convoys in combat, often operating vehicles and pumping fuel through the night with little or no rest. The height of combat operations, he showed courage and skill as he delivered fuel to friendly forces, passing through an area where fire was still being received from the enemy.

After returning from deployment Corporal Locke was discharged in February, 2004. He is currently living in Kentucky with his wife and two sons. Jason now suffers from severe PTSD with depressive features making his wounds invisible. Everyday provides struggles. Veteran’s Day isn’t a celebration, stopping by a busy Wal-Mart isn’t an option, dinner with friends often gets cancelled and going to work while trying to get help with just coping can’t be done. Staying behind the walls & closed doors is exactly where Jason longs to spend his days. Getting out in the public at the local State Park to relax by the pool or taking in a movie are things he just can’t handle doing and are rare occasions to accomplish. The most recommended treatment for depression and successful distraction from triggers aside from a stable medication regimen is exercise and outdoor activities prompting his interest in aquatic therapy.

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