Robert Marr (ET1, US Navy) – Akron, OH

Nature of Project:  TBD – Swimming Pool OR Spa OR Swim Spa

We have a deserving combat wounded veteran in this area that has applied but before we can move forward, we need your help. We need a project/construction lead in the area to coordinate with. If you or someone you know would be willing to step-up and help us complete our mission please contact us at!


Robert (Bob) Marr comes from a family of Military Service Members. Bob joined the US Navy in March 2003 to help get his life on track. Bob went to bootcamp at Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, Illinois. After bootcamp Bob went to Naval Nuclear Power Training Command Charleston, South Carolina. When Bob left South Carolina, Bob went to Naval Submarine School Groton, Connecticut. There Bob met his wife, Tara. They were married 04/04/04. Bob got orders to Bangor, Washington where Bob was attached to USS Alabama SSBN 731. Bob and Tara had their first child, Alexus in 2005.

In 2008, Bob volunteered to go to Joint Base Ballad, Iraq as an Individual Augmentee with Army Unit TF 3-3 ADA (C-RAM) from Fort Bliss, Texas. 2 weeks after Bob got his orders to Iraq, Bob and Tara found out they were expecting their second child, Lincoln. Bob was unable to return home for the birth of Lincoln. Bob finally met Lincoln 3 months after he was born. Lincoln was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 2. 

Upon returning from Iraq, Bob got orders to Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam Honolulu, Hawaii. Bob and Tara were excited since Tara is from Hawaii. While in Hawaii Bob was attached to Commander Submarine Force US Pacific Fleet (COMSUBPAC). It is there that Bob realized he was not the same person. Bob was having short term memory problems and pain through out his body.

Bob was medically retired in 2012 due to PTSD, severe depression, anxiety, GERD, sleep apnea and many physical ailments. Tara became Bob’s caregiver.

After retirement, Bob was sleeping about 20 hours a day. Tara knew there was something really wrong. Bob’s PCM sent him to have a TBI test done, which came back normal. Tara did more research and insisted on an MRI. Bob and Tara are so glad that the Akron VA listened to them and order an MRI. Not even an hour after the MRI, Bob’s PCM called and said he needed to see Bob Monday to talk about the results. On August 8, 2014 Bob had surgery for a brain tumor on the left side of his brain.  

May 1, 2015, Bob got more bad news. Bob has osteonecrosis in his right shoulder. The bone in his right shoulder is dying and they will need to do a shoulder replacement. 

July 24, 2015, Bob got another call after doing tests and x-rays, Bob has another tumor in his left shoulder. The same shoulder that they did surgery on October 17, 2013 to remove and reattach his bicep. 

On July 25, 2015, Bob had to be taken to the Cleveland VA Emergency Room because Bob was unable to walk. Bob was told he has osteonecrosis, just like his right shoulder. Bob had right hip replacement surgery on October 20, 2015. Bob had another MRI to see both hips, where the Doctors found out Bob had osteonecrosis in his left hip too. Bob will need to have his left hip replaced early 2017. Bob will eventually need to have his right shoulder replaced and his left knee replaced.

Bob & Tara reached out to Water for a Warrior after Tara saw a post in one of her caregiver Facebook groups. Bob & Tara were hoping that Water for a Warrior would be able provide a pool for Bob’s therapy, rehabilitation and a place to escape with the kids. There are few things that Bob is able to do with his kids due to the mental and physical aliments. The Doctors have told Bob that swimming would be great for therapy and reconnecting with his kids.